Gentle implantology. A proven method of the dental clinic racecourse

The Dental Clinic Rennbahn is one of the first facilities in Switzerland to almost exclusively rely on computer-aided methods for dental implantology since 2005. This new method of 'gentle implantology' is facilitated by latest software for surgical planning. Our experience has shown that patients treated by help of this programme show quick recovery and reentrance into everyday life. Dental implants can thereby be inserted in a matter of minutes and without 'cutting the gengives', gently and precisely. The new teeth are very often installed immediately onto the implants.

The advantages:

  • less discomfort, swellings and scarcely any pain due to minimally invasive procedures.
  • Frequent installation of new teeth onto the implants in one sitting
  • High precision in insertion of the implants

Dental implants by gentle and computer-aided implantology is of interest to all patients who are bound to reenter everyday life in a small amount of time. We inform you about all possibilities of this compact and gentle method of implantology in our counseling hours.

Minimally invasive techniques, tissue-sparing methods of surgery and the implementation of microsurgical treatments reduce the impact on our patients and aid the success of the treatment.

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