The Gag Reflex at the Dentist's

The urge to gag is a natural, physiological, defensive, protective, safeguard mechanism or reflex. It prevents the accidental aspiration of foreign objects or substances into the respiratory tract. During a dental procedure, the touching of the tongue or the back palate can trigger this reflex. An excessive urge to gag can seriously interfere with the affective dental treatment.

In our dentist's office, we carefully explain the planned treatment to the patient step by step. Our goal is a very gentle approach that will actually prevent the urge to gag. We also avoid any situation that might provoke fear and stress. It is important to remove a patient's fear of gagging. Therefore, dental treatment is only given after the patient has received detailed information about the procedure and has fully understood what to expect, only then agreeing to treatment.

By using specific techniques designed to make the patient less sensitive and fully relaxed, we alleviate the urge to gag and are able to gently administer stress-free treatment.   There is no logical reason for a patient to feel fear and embarrassment when experiencing a gag reflex. Our team has been perfectly trained to handle the situation in a professional manner, making sure the visit is completely stress free and as pleasant as possible.