Dental Clinic Rennbahn

Do you strive for health, natural beauty, security, charismatic appearance and well-being?

Looking groomed and handsome are aspects of growing importance, both in professional and private life. Well-maintained teeth may underline your individual charisma and it is so much easier giving that extra smile when you know your teeth are in great condition.

We offer modern dentistry in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The concept at our Dental Clinic Rennbahn meets the highest standards with acommodation and the medical quality you expect of modern dentistry. It is particular solutions we aim at: Because it is all about your charisma, the effect you have on people – eventually about your well-being. Meet our two dentists med. dent. Soeren Nielsen and med. dent. Lambros Margiotoudis, and get to know our staff, treatments and procedures.

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