Your new, fixed teeth are supported by the implants.

The entire therapy is held at the Dental Clinic Rennbahn – from the first counseling to the insertion of the implants and restoration of your denture.

Dental implants are made of titan and are used to form, emulating nature, roots for artificial teeth / dentures. They facilitate a long term stability for the new teeth, offering firm sustain and perfectly blending with yournatural teeth. With their help you will be able to chew and eat normally again. Dental implants grow firmly into the bone structure. Just like real bones they transport the forces exerted in the chewing process into the jaw bone. That bone is thereby ideally charged and kept vital.

Your new, firmly fitting teeth are supported by implants. Also in the case of total tooth loss may implants hold the remedy and offer an aesthetically high standard solution. They promise natural looks and a secure feeling when speking, eating and smiling.

You can rely on your new teeth – while eating and also while speaking and laughing.